Our Courses & Workshops
All courses take place after a no-fee needs analysis of your team is completed. The courses are designed around you and are especially constructed to deliver maximum benefits to your staff. Our task is to motivate and facilitate. Courses are normally of 15 weeks, one day a week, 90 minutes each day.

Business conversation courses
General conversation using topical conversational material:

  • emphasis on speaking skills including small talk, appropriate language, interdepartmental cross cultural understanding and active listening skills
  • describing processes and work related situations with important language structure and focus on important industry related vocabulary. Ideal for staff that needs to communicate by speaking with colleagues, customers at trade shows or by doing presentations.
Each class is made up of 2x 45 minute units at €40 per unit.

Biz course
This course is business led. Special attention is paid to your industry.
We focus on:

  • Reading in house material, communications from customers, manuals, instructions
  • Writing  emails, reports,  internal memos, summaries, letters
  • Speaking with colleagues cross culturally, customer communications, small talk and speaking techniques
  • Vocabulary phrases and words used in your specific industry 
Each class is made up of 2x 45 minute units at €45 per unit.

Self-tailored Biz course
Just tell us what you want and we will design the course around you and your team.

  • One-to one training
  • Group training
  • Taylor made training just for your team

Class times and costs depend on you.

This course is geared towards English for Specific Purposes (ESP).

  • features a strong reading, writing, speaking, vocabulary, active listening and function dimension with continuous participant assessment and reflection
  • It is job-focused using industry jargon, phraseology and concepts for your specific industry needs.

Each class is made up of 2x 45 minute units at €48 per unit.


Biz talk talk talk
 A course designed to get your people talking and keep talking!
conversation course on hobbies, topics of general interest, what it says in the newspapers and anything that comes up in the course of the class.
As this is a talking class the number in the class is set at no more than 4 participants.

Each class is made up of  60 minute classes  at €40 per class


Do you have a nice website? Maybe there is a mistake in it!
We believe that proofreading can only be done by experienced native speakers. No matter how good your marketing and communication team in house is, you still need a native speaker to giving your documentation that cutting edge.
Note: did you spot the mistake above..we threw one in did you see it?

Cost is €35 an hour.

Mentoring service
We shadow you at your work place for a number of days to assess your English skills and report back with suggestions as to how to improve your English skills.

€160 per hour ( 60 minutes)

Coaching courses for success
We all need some help sometimes. We provide you with the skills needed to perform 100% of the time. We listen and provide solutions to your HR issues and concerns. We are a listening station for your leadership needs.

€160 per hour ( 60 minutes)

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